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Clean You Can Trust

Always count on Central Vacuum System for everyday cleaning and memorable messy moments.

The deep cleaning power and suction doesn’t quit over time. Year after year, Central Vacs remove 100% of contacted dirt and debris from every surface.

Nothing To Sneeze At

Central Vacuum Systems often are recommended by allergists for removing pollutants from the home.

Research has revealed that using a central vacuum system can improve indoor air quality and significantly reduce allergy symptoms. If you’re in Winnipeg or Manitoba, give us a call.

Latest in innovation

Always leading the industry, Dyson is not afraid to push the envelope.
Dyson does not settle on “that’s how it’s always been done” and thus they remain a leader in the industry


Products ranging from Vacuums, Handhelds, Robots, Fans and Dryers.
Surely they’ll have something for you!


Wide Variety

Not quite sure what you need?
We’ll be happy to guide you to the unit that will get the job done for your house.
Floor types do make a difference, and we will share our knowledge with you so that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase

Residential & Commercial

All brands and models to keep you covered


You broke it? We’ll fix it!

Our trained technicians will inspect your unit free of charge. If it can be fixed, we’re the ones that can do it.

Manitoba’s Official Dyson Repair

We are the only company certified by Dyson to fix your unit in Manitoba. ALL Dysons on or off warranty are eventually sent to us here in Winnipeg for repairs.
Also offering a Dyson Cleaning Service to prevent major issues from occurring. Make sure you thoroughly clean your unit at least once a year.


Vacuum About Us

A home is the most valuable asset you will ever own in your lifetime.
But Do you have the right vacuum to clean and maintain your investment?

Do you find yourself shopping a box store spending less and less on a vacuum each time because you are tired of having to replace it?
Not all vacuums are created equal, you do get what you pay for.

We invite you to visit our showroom and shop in a boutique style atmosphere and speak to our experienced and knowledgeable staff to discuss exactly what kind of features and benefits you are looking for in a vacuum.

  • Wide variety of quality vacuums on display
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Product knowledge & education

Help you decide what product will be able to clean and maintain your home environment properly, improve the indoor air quality letting you live healthier!

Vacuum About Us